Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie is a pie that is somewhat controversial. Some people love, other’s are not shy to voice that they do not like it. Now I’m the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of it. But when I asked what kind of pie I should I was challenged to make lemon meringue. And let me say, it was a challenge indeed. I have a new respect for the pie just due to the fact that it is by no means a fast or simple pie to bake.

There are many steps that are involved in the making of this pie.

My first step, the pie crust was much easier. All I had to do was spread one of the many homemade pie crusts that my grandma prepares when she gets bored, which now a days let’s just say that’s quite often.

The next step is to start on the lemon mixture which is simple but is important and can end up going wrong. Now I say it’s simple because you just mix your ingredients, but if not mixed correctly you can end up with either a runny or lumpy lemon mixture. Nobody wants that.

The next step is your meringue mix all your ingredients and then your ready for the next step. Which is to add your heated lemon mixture into the pie, quickly followed by your meringue. Put it in the oven and then you’ve came to your next step which is optional, torch the top of your pie (the meringue) until it nicely brown. When torching just go back to your childhood and think about you wanted your ideal marshmellow roasted.

You’ve now arrived at your final step, dig in and enjoy! I always find that the items that you personally bake always taste a little bit better, and there’s that sense of pride you get when you take that first bite. My first lemon meringue pie was much more successful then I would have imagined. So good in fact that I had to facetime my grandma after since she is the pie master in our family. Maybe, just maybe there will be a future competition.

Here’s the final result:

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a great week and I hope this inspired you to bake this week!

Published by lukekotz

I'm Luke Kotz. I was born and raised in Radville, Saskatchewan. Radville is a small town just an hour north of the U.S border. Growing up I was either playing sports, watching sports, with friends or playing/watching sports with my friends. I am now pursuing teaching and can't wait to get into the classroom as a teacher. My blog will be all about my baking experiences as I have decided to take upon an interest in it.

5 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie

  1. Hi Luke!
    Your pie looks amazing! I personally do like lemon meringue, but it has always seemed super intimidating to make. It’s good to hear that at least the crust isn’t too hard to prepare! Can I ask how you torched the top of the pie? Do you have one of those cooking torches? Those tools seem pretty cool. Thanks for the great read and some insight into what goes into making a lemon meringue pie!



  2. Hey Luke,

    The pie looks incredible. Lemon Meringue pie has always been one of my favorite desserts but I have always assumed it was difficult to make because of the different textures. You do a great job explaining the steps in your post and what goes into making lemon meringue pie. And there is no dought that it always tastes better if you make it yourself. Great Job!


  3. Hey Luke! I might have to agree with you that Lemon meringue pie isn’t my favorite either, however it is still pretty good. Looks like your pie turned out pretty great!


  4. Hello Luke!

    I am a simple person really, I see ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’, I click. Overall I wish that you would have gone deeper into each of the steps since you said at the beginning of the post that making lemon meringue pie is not easy, but your explanation of the steps made it seem like it was! I would have also enjoyed seeing some of the resources that you used within the post as well in case I wanted to follow the recipe and steps that you did yourself. However, I did really enjoy your post, and seeing the final result embedded into the post as a picture was the cherry on the cake (meringue on the pie)? Great work! I hope that you have been enjoying your learning progress and all of your progression so far.


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